Ship Pollution During The Operation

Maritime industry contributes for domination of marine pollution. It’s a huge business inside which bigger ship is delivered amount of cargo that no others vehicle can handle to distribute. Hence, the air emissions which are produced by ship main engine should be controlled with high technology innovation.

A ship can sail in a long distance once she departs to the port destination around the world. The longer distance requirement from the owner, the bigger engine they need to install with huge power and fuel consumption. It means the bigger pollution will be generated outside that can negatively give an unbalanced-load of natural air circulation.
Generally, several fuel characteristic for marine diesel engine has high emission production such as NOx, SOx, and COx. It has dangerous effect to our environment, so the world has a special regulation to minimize the air pollution in MARPOL (Marine Pollution) Annex VI that issued by IMO (International Maritime Organization). Most of all country in the world was ratified it as a prioritized issues for clean and high quality air.

The recent technology of ship engine emission control are developed without ignore the engine performance and efficiency. People need to live better with high economic growth progress, but they also want to live longer with healthy place. Maritime economic is the most important qualification for it, so that’s why most of scientist learn and search for the advanced improvement and environment friendly ship. Those two characteristic are the major priority of advancing ship technology development.

There are many reasons why this part of ship has to develop carefully. First, maritime industry still can not change the main source of energy, oil. From the industrial revolution era oil still the cheaper energy. Second, in the last decade, oil consumption efficiency is the main focus for low price operational cost aims. Third, oil price decrease significantly because of new oil-well is founded with big amount of it in America. This case force simultaneously the industry to use more oil.

Ship Internal Combustion Engine

Ship main engine as a prime mover is the first object that should be concerned to decrease the air pollution. The combustion of engine is the main cause of air pollution. Effective and efficient combustion will be converted to best engine performance and low emission.

Nowadays, internal combustion engine development is searched for Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) and Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV). More engine treatment completely modified to increase the capability for clean energy conversion. Those technology is pushed the users possibly apply to the ship in long term lifetime engine. In the other side, engine performance in lean fuel consumption also found for low emission aims. Gaseous fuel and pilot oil mixtures have been proven as the new generation for alternative fuel in the future.

In conclusion, ship has a huge contribution of air pollution in the whole worldwide, but the technology inside should be modified to generate extra performance, efficiency, and low emission product. The research of a new development of ship engine is absolutely an important subject for the future. Because a maritime economic will always runs as long as the goods demand from the people is continued.


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